Saturday, September 5, 2009


(シャッフル! Shaffuru!)

Total Episodes: 24+12

Originally Run: 2005-2006

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Ecchi, Harem, Psychological, Romance-Comedy, Tragedy

Tsumichi Rin, a normal seventeen years old and second year high school student who’s lost his parents since he’s around nine years old. Since that incident, he began living with Kaede, his childhood friend who’s her mother also had died on the car accident along with Rin’s parents. Kaede had been taking care of Rin since they’ve become a teenager until now. During the middle school, they meet and befriend Asa Shigure, the senpai who’s in the third year of high school. One day, the daughter of the Lord of God and the Lord of Devils, Lisianthus and Nerine came to the human world to be a marriage candidate for Rin and introduce themselves at Rin’s school. Soon after the come to his school, he meets a girl name Primula who’s been searching for Rin for some reason. Rin befriended each girl after playing and hanging out with them day by days.

My Comment: The stories so good and funny somehow even the ending didn’t match my feeling’s said. The picture’s qualities/character’s qualities pretty good. My recommendation after you’ve watch the 1st season, you should just watch the Shuffle Memories just on episode 12… you’ll know the reason why. Anyway it’s a good ending.

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------------------------- (60mb±): click here [second season]

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