Friday, December 24, 2010

My Instruments Plays

These are SOME music pieces that I can play, and I'm just listing the main key chord here.
Please feel free to PM whenever you're interested to ask/know more!

* = Fluent

(Created on 3/21/11)
(Modified on
(And this page is totally outdated.. I just notice I had a perfect pitch, so that I can almost predict all progressions and hit the key chord without even touching the guitar. So there's about perhaps 10 times more bundles of songs if I list everything here)

Afurete Yuku no wa Kono Kimochi C *
Alones C *
Amaenaideyo C *
Ashita Kuru Hi D
Cagayake Girls E *
Chiisana Tenohira F>G
Dango Daikazoku Ab
Don't Say Lazy F
Eyes on Me C
Fude Pen E
Fun Times E *
Fuwa Fuwa Time E *
Fuyu no Hi Bb
Giita ni Kubittake G *
God Knows E *
Gohan wa Okazu D
Haruka na Hibi D
Hello! A
Honey Sweet Tea Time F *
Honjitsu Mankai Watashi Iro Db>G *
Innocent Starter C>G *
Karen Moyou Ab *
Kimi ni Todoke A *
Kiss Me Good-Bye F *
Level 5 Judgelight B
Listen A *
Lost My Music E *
Love your life A *
Lovely Sister Love C *
Melodies of Life F
My Song C>G *
My Soul Your Beats D
Only My Railgun B
Plastic Smile E
Pure Pure Heart B *
Reason F *
Shin'ai B>??>?? *
Spira Unplugged Dm or F *
Super Driver A *
Super Generation D>G *
Tenshi ni Fureta yo Bb *
Ting Ma Ma De Hua Bb
Toki wo Kizamu Uta G
U&I A *
Utau yo!! Miracle Eb>E *
Vincent F *
Watashi no Koi wa Hotchkiss F *
Wo Bu Bei Bb
You Raise Me Up Eb>F>Gb
Yuki no Kaerimichi C *

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